File:XANA Program in action-1-.jpg
The XANA Destruction Program, is a program created by Jeremie, is has only been seen and used twice in Down to Earth and Fight to the Finish (although it is shown again in a memory flash in Echoes). In Down to Earth, the early version of the program was used to temporarily trap the Kolossus in ice. The main function of the program, however, was to destroy X.A.N.A. although it is revealed in Down to Earth that the early version of the program could wipe out minor manifestations of X.A.N.A. (namely his monsters except the Kolossus). To fully destroy X.A.N.A., the program required setting up in the Carthage interface and also high energy requirements. When Aelita first activated the program, it failed due to a lack of energy. Franz Hopper then sacrificed himself and his energy allowed the program to become operational and X.A.N.A. was finally destroyed.


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