Virtual Limbo
First appearance Frontier
Also known as N/A
Terrain features None. Null Space between Lyoko and Earth

Virtual Limbo is seen only twice, once in Frontier and once in Jeremie's dream in Code: Earth. It is a null space between Lyoko and the real world. It exists within the supercomputer's memory, which Aelita was linked to. Normally, it's not seen unless the virtualization phase malfunctions.

It's apparently tied into the same sector of memory that the scanners use, since the Lyoko Warriors were unable to use the scanners while Jeremie was stuck there. They were however, able to get together enough memory for one scanner, meaning that the scanners aren't hardcoded to particular memory sectors.

Jeremie was accidentally trapped here when he first attempted to go to Lyoko. The scanner memory had been cut off before the process had completed, trapping him in the limbo.

Upon his arrival, Jeremie was able to speak to Aelita through her link to the supercomputer's memory. Through the link, Jeremie was able to tell the others how to free him. After traveling to all four regions and collecting the scanner memory from all four passage towers, Aelita was able to travel into the limbo and free him. During that time, their minds were melded, allowing them to sense the others feelings.


Users stuck in Limbo are on the verge of being deleted by the Supercomputer as the Computer is detecting it as an "Out-dated" file according to Aelita. No other Lyoko Warriors have gone into the Limbo other than Aelita and Jeremie simply because Jeremie has knowledge of the Virtualization Program. The only recovery method of exiting the User from the Limbo is to retrieve all the Scanner Memory from the Passage Towers.


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