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The Tessen Fans are Yumi's main weapon on Lyoko.


Yumi's fans have the ability to cut through monsters easily. It is likely that they have an attack power of about 50 LP, because it took her two hits to devirtualize Aelita in The Secret, and it takes about four to defeat X.A.N.A-William in Season 4 (who has more life points than normal). In the first season she only had one, making her attacks few and far between. In the second season she acquired one more, and in the fourth season she no longer  hides them in her sash, she now hides them in the yellow pack on her back. The fans can be used in many ways, but are usually used as long-ranged throwing weapons in which the fan is open and thrown and turns in to a disc-like shape, while glowing hot pink (red while energized as a spectre on Earth). Yumi can use them as highly effective shields too, able to absorb and sometimes reflect laser fire, but they cannot protect Yumi against a Megatank's elliptical laser.

The fans seem to be hard to aim, as Odd (in Yumi's body) missed a Creeper at extremely close range, but by the episode A Lack of Goodwill, Yumi is accurate enough to cut the wings off of some Hornets without destroying them. Even though Odd has trouble using Yumi's fans, in the episode Attack of the Zombies Aelita uses one easily, and Ulrich does the same in Hard Luck. They can also be destroyed as seen when X.A.N.A. William touched her fans and they broke down into nothing, presumably because of X.A.N.A.'s powers. During the episode Franz Hopper, a polymorphic clone of Franz Hopper gave Yumi two new fans. While they were identical in appearance to her old ones, the newly modified and upgraded fans were able to fly at much longer distances, home in and lock onto targets for a guaranteed hit, and were attracted to laser fire, allowing Yumi to effortlessly block incoming shots. After the clone was uncovered by Jeremie, Yumi lost these modifications and upgrades.


The most decorated of all Lyoko weapons. Yumi's fans have black end plates. When open, the fans have a design that is hot pink were the plates connect and quickly fades out to white with tiny red flowers in random spots on the design. When thrown, the design disappears as the fans glow hot pink. While in the real world as a spectre, the design of the fans change to a more dark-reddish theme and the end plates turn brown. When thrown, the fans glow red and look like a flying circular saw blade.

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  • As of Hard Luck, every member of Team Lyoko (with the exception of Jeremie) has used Yumi's fan(s) at least one: Aelita in Attack of the Zombies; then Odd in Yumi's body in A Fine Mess; and Ulrich in Hard Luck.
    • William (Possessed by XANA) in Lab Rat; however, he only held the fans before destroying them with his Supersmoke ability.
  • Yumi's fans resemble ancient Japanese weapons called Tessen which were used by Samurai to fend off darts and other projectile weapons (Yumi does the same in the sense of deflecting lasers).
  • The fighting and techniques with tessen war fans is called Tessenjutsu.

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