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Tamiya is Milly's best friend. She seems to be slightly less driven by her emotions, which allows her to think more clearly than her red-headed friend when bad things happen to them. She's also always there to give a kind word when it's needed. She is the camera girl for the Kadic News crew. She is voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.

Tamiya is a member of the seventh grade, is eleven years old, and, like most girls her age at the school, has a crush on Ulrich. She shares a dorm with Milly, and is very sensitive like her as well. She is not very good at reporting news, which Milly often scolds her for, but she is usually more strong-willed then her best friend. An example of this is in Cold Sweat when Tamiya "hinted" to Yumi the person who gave her Yumi's secret photo to use in the Kadic newspaper when Milly refused to, more or less giving the source away.

Tamiya also has a knack for understanding the latest fashion and talks to her mother about it a lot. She also has a dislike for Sissi and her gang, who view Tamiya and Milly as "little twerps with no lives".

Her mother disapproves of her wearing belly-shirts.


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