Jeremie being possessed in Mister Puck
First appearance A Great Day
Channeled through Spectres
User X.A.N.A.

Possession is a power that X.A.N.A. developed that allows him (and others) to possess human beings to do his bidding. He developed this ability in A Great Day after he hijacked the Time Reversion feature of the Supercomputer



In A Great Day, it was learned that trips back in time double X.A.N.A.'s power. When he hijacked the program, each trip increased his power, to the point where he could possess people (except for William).

In Mister Puck, he attempted to possess Odd and Ulrich, but failed. He then tried to possess Jeremie and succeeded. It was later learned that people who have been virtualized are immune to possession.


People who have been possessed gain supernatural abilities, including the following:

  • Enhanced physical abilities (strength, speed, agility,)
  • Virtual immortality (the bodies of possessed people are very resilient. They usually pixelize when they are struck, and are immune to extreme temperatures and unaffected by radiation)
  • Control over electricity/electromagnetism
  • Technopathy (control over electrical devices & equipment)
  • Phasing through solid objects
  • Self-replication
  • Levitation


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