• Rider(s): Yumi (Main); Aelita (Sometimes); William (Once); Ulrich (Once); Odd (Once, in Yumi's body)
  • Based On: Scooter
  • Mode of Transportation: Hovers
  • Life Points: 50 Life Points

The Overwing is a hoverscooter ridden by Yumi. It was created by Jeremie in the second season. Made as a passenger vehicle, it is the largest and strongest vehicle. It has very good control and is able to dodge attacks easily despite its size. The Overwing is the second vehicle that entered a tower (the first being the Overboard, piloted by Aelita). It is silver in color with a red circle in the front. Aelita commonly used this vehicle until she gained her wings.


  • The word overwing could also mean to outmaneuver or bypass, suggesting its maneuvering abilities are better than any other vehicles.
  • In Code Lyoko Evolution, the overwing has a modernized look, along with a razor-like circle on its bottom.

Code LyokoEdit


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