"It's not fair! I'm the only one who looks like a nitwit on Lyoko!" - Referring to his appearance (a giant purple cat) on Lyoko in X.A.N.A. Awakens

"Laser Arrow!" - Every time he fights on Lyoko

"I'm so hungry!" - Tidal Wave

"Ok poly-whatever, I'm going to transform you now!" - Referring to the Polymorphic Clone - X.A.N.A.'s Kiss

"Bloks, my favorite monster." - The Girl of the Dreams

"Huh, you're making progress Ulrich , but those thing-a-mi-jigs are Bloks and they don't look too friendly!" - Crash Course

"Well, I guess it's up to me to un-Blok the situation." - Crash Course

"Well, it's better than nothing, but there's another were supposed to send it to me, not to them, dummy!" - to Ulrich in Crash Course

"Relax, I'm a computer whiz. You know that." - To Yumi in Crash Course

"You selfish hog!" - Odd to his clone in Triple Trouble

"Hello, little Krab Cakes" - To the Krabs

"Ahh, Rosa, you look beautiful today! Did you ever think about becoming like, like a model or something?" - To Lunch Lady Rosa in Triple Trouble

"You didn't think I'd let you down, did ya?" - To Yumi in Double Take

"I...I...fooled you that time, didn't I?" - To Jeremie in Triple Trouble

"Hey, have you gone bananas? Your eyesight's not great, but your hearing's worse!" - To Jeremie in Saint Valentine's Day

"I don't believe it! You flip out even when Kiwi looks at Yumi!" - To Ulrich in The Pretender

"Judging by the temperature, I'd say we're somewhere north of Siberia!" - To Yumi in Ultimatum

"It's pretty...scary." - To Jeremie in Marabounta, concerning the Marabounta

"Madame, would you do me the honour of climbing aboard my humble...board?" To Aelita in The Chips Are Down

"It's all about strategy. The only thing dumber than a Blok is two Bloks." - Marabounta

"You think I'm afraid of that popsicle stick?" - To William Dunbar in Kadic Bombshell

"Listen, if I don't get something to eat right away, there's no telling what I might do!" - Tidal Wave

"I'm not scrawny, I'm svelte!" - Referring to his body when someone calls him "scrawny".

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