Nobody in Particular
Air Date (US) October 18th, 2006
Air Date (France) November 3rd, 2006
Written by Jean-Rémi François
Bruno Merle
Storyboard by Christian Choquet
Lionel Allaix
Alain le Dong
Season 3
Episode # 62
Production # 310
Preceeded by Sabotage
Followed by Triple Trouble

Nobody in Particular is the 10th episode of Season 3 and the 62nd episode of Code Lyoko.


Jeremie believes he has finally found a way to materialize his friends directly into Sector 5. Ulrich is chosen to be the guinea pig to test it out. All begins as planned until Jeremie notices that Ulrich has never appeared in Sector 5. He has simply just vanished. An atmosphere of calamity and depression sets in. In fact, what Jeremie and the others don’t realize is that Ulrich has only lost his “corporal envelope”: reduced to be a spectre, unable to communicate. Ulrich is in fact present – not in body but in spirit – but he is invisible to his friends.

The only way for Ulrich to communicate with the others and explain the problem, is to possess somebody else’s body – which he does, using the body of Kiwi. Once informed and reassured, Jeremie starts programming an application to hunt for Ulrich’s body. But it’s not that easy… especially when X.A.N.A. ups the ante by starting an attack on the core... With Ulrich's body!


  • The original French name for this episode is Désincarnation.
  • This is the second time a person has been possess by another being that's not X.A.N.A.
    • In this case: Ulrich.
    • Also, this is the second time someone has tried to make contact with Team Lyoko with someone elses body.
  • When Odd says "The first man to step foot on Sector 5 without passing go", he is referencing the game Monopoly. His statement however, is false. This has already happened in the episode Franz Hopper.


  • The scene shown after Jeremie searches for Ulrich (after he doesn't show up in Sector 5) shows Jeremie in his dorm room instead of in the Lab.
    • A few seconds after he's done talking, his mouth is still moving but Yumi's voice is heard just before it reverts back to them standing in Carthage.
  • After Jeremie's reply, "I hope I have it all worked out by this afternoon", Ulrich is heard talking, but instead it shows another scene with Jeremie, moving his mouth with Ulrich's lines. (Note: Neither of these mess ups happen in the French version.)
  • After Ulrich, (In Jim's body) tries to calm the children down in the Cafeteria, Aelita can briefly be seen sitting with Odd and Yumi, however, when Yumi receives a call from Jeremie a few scenes later on, Aelita is in the Lab with Jeremie.


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The original episode summary can be found here. ca:Ànimes sense cos es:Nadie en particular fr:Désincarnation pl:Odcinek 62 "Bezcielesność" pt:Ninguém em particular ru:Никто, в частности

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