The Megapod is a new vehicle used by Team Lyoko in Code Lyoko Evolution.


This new vehicle which is most likely going to be driven by Odd. Although, it was driven by Yumi in it's debut episode. It is programmed by Jeremie to ride at a very high speed. It is used for traveling in the dangerous, floor-changing new territory, Cortex. It only allows four members to ride in it.

It has two modes for different situations. Combining the front two wheels together, and the rear wheels together, Megapod will be able to travel on narrow roads. With the wheels turned 90 degrees, the Megapod will be able to travel between walls in mid-air. It has a shield like the Skidbladnir to defend against enemy attacks. It has also a canon to destroy the monsters.


  • It's been shown that it takes days to reprogram. It's just brought up regularly like any other vehicle with no safety precautions or Hangar (like the Skid has)
  • The MegaPod's full name is the Cortexian Rolling Articulating Spheroid Techto-compatible Mega-Multipod Vehicle. MegaPod is an abbreviation the Lyoko Warriors adopted since its debut, just as they refer to the Skidbladnir as "the Skid".

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