Léonie Berthonnaud, or with a non-accented spelling, Leonie Berthonnaud, is a french actress who plays live-action Aelita, and the derivative roles, in "Code Lyoko Evolution". She also provides the French voice for said characters. Obviously, pink is not her natural hair color; it's just a wig.

She was legally a minor, as of the production of season 5. She has lived in the same house as the rest of the core cast, except for Diego Mestanza, Melanie Tran, and Quentin Merabet; who were residing seperately. She is now 18.

She has visited Ghana.

Roles PortrayedEdit

Role Form Seasons
Aelita Schaeffer Live Action Evolution
Aelita Schaeffer French Voice Evolution
Aelita Clone Live Action Evolution:  "Espionage"

Pictures Of RolesEdit

es:Léonie Berthonnaud pt:Léonie Berthonnaud

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