250 px
HP 0
Height 3 meters in diameter
Weight N/A
Speed 10/10 (instant capture)
Attacks None. It's used as a holding area for one of the team. It can also hold a fake alternate reality.
First Appearance Image Problem

A Guardian is a monster which contains a warrior rather than attempting to devirtualize them. It is the only X.A.N.A. monster that doesn't have an eye and can't be struck to destroy it. Aelita described it as "a sort of digital jail adapted to the body imprisoned in it." While someone is captured; they are unaware of the passage of time.

Guardians look like giant orange bubbles that can imprison and disable a person. The only possible way to defeat a Guardian is to create a false version of the prisoner and place it next to the Guardian to confuse it, causing it to reject its prisoner. Usually, the false is also a bomb which is then detonated when the guardian rejects and expels the real person. This is usually accomplished with Aelita's Creativity. Once the clone is absorbed, the guardian explodes.

They can't be destroyed by standard means, since they have no Eye of X.A.N.A. and are mostly immune to the Lyoko Warriors' weapons.

A guardian was first used in "Image Problem," where it was used to capture Yumi. With her captured, he deployed X.A.N.A.-Yumi to destroy the scanners.

The other time a guardian was deployed was in The Girl of the Dreams, where it was used to capture Aelita. This worked in a complicated plot in tandem with the transfer of Taelia.

The Guardians never returned after the first season, possibly because X.A.N.A. realized how ineffective they were.



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